Rabu, 04 November 2009



Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise hirrobil alamin, may guide and ridho Allah always be with us in carrying out daily activities. Amen.

Rector and all University academic Civitas Banten with Mathla'ul Anwar was welcomed at the University Website Mathla'ul Anwar Banten. This website is one form of concrete efforts by the university to align the University Mathla'ul Anwar with other universities in Indonesia that has first entered the world of global information. In addition it is expected that this website can be a provider of information for all parties throughout the world who need the information about the University of Anwar Mathla'ul Banten.

We realize that as an academic institution that serves as the printing quality of human resources and global perspective, University of Anwar Mathla'ul required to be able to give information for as many who need and can access the information up to date as much and as quickly as possible. For this purpose we drop terebut option to use information and communication technology (ICT), because we think that in this era of information such as current utilization of information and communication technology including the Internet is one of the most effective alternative for the dissemination of information and obtain information up to date .

Finally, we hope that this website can provide benefits for the needy, We apologize if the contents of this website have not been able to meet the information needs of end users about UNMA Banten. But one of our commitments that over time the contents of this website will continue we complete. For that advice and criticism from all sides so we hoped.

Thus a word that I can tell, to all visitors of this website we thank you.

Syirotimmustaqim ilaa Haadanallah Waiyyakum,

Maps Wr. Wb.

Cikaliung, September 01, 2009


Prof. DR. Ir. H. Herman Haeruman, Js., M.F., F. W. Aas

in the copy of www.unmabanten.ac.id

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